Thesis and peer-reviewed publications:

I write about physics, statistics, programming and other things occasionally. Recently I’ve been interested in self hosted web services. If that that sounds like the kind of stuff you like, dig through the articles below:

One Month in Open Source February 10, 2022
Taking the bite out of x509 certificates with the step CLI January 16, 2022
Using PGP Keys for SSH on Fedora September 14, 2020
Designing An Augmented Backus-Naur Form Parser Generator September 14, 2020
Monolith by Default, Microservice with Configuration August 17, 2020
Containerized Development Tools June 29, 2019
Self-Hosting II: Hosting Git August 17, 2018
Self Hosting I: Setting up Kubernetes June 30, 2018
Self Hosting 0: Motivation June 28, 2018
Ising Finite Size June 2, 2018