Thermal Physics

There is a huge amount of free resources available to you to help you through the course. Below is a list of Lecture notes and textbooks that are available either online or downloadable as a pdf. Some of these resources are only available through the McGill Library. If that is the case you’ll be able to access them either while connected to the McGill wifi or VPN or by searching for them in the online catalogue.

Robert HoƂyst and Andrzej Poniewierski Very clear explanations, lots of problems and solutions.

N. A. Gokcen and R. G. Reddy Good textbook. Many examples and problems. Good section on the relevant mathematics needed for classical thermodynamics.

Reinhard Hentschke An involved set of lecture notes. Many examples of types of work.

Lecture Notes on Classical Thermodynamics

David Tong A brief and wonderful tour of thermodynamics with a snippet of history as well. Probably a good resource for review.